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SolSolutions manufactures clean portable solar power generators, solar light towers, and custom designed off-grid solar power systems. SolSolutions also offers a selection of the best quality LED lighting and energy efficient products for homes and businesses. In addition, SolSolutions provides our solar and lighting equipment to events as part of our Sustainable Event Services.

We are fully committed to helping customers to integrate their ideas with practical solutions to achieve energy independence and efficiency using quality, well-built products.

SolSolutions strives to educate the community, transform thinking and create new plans for the push towards sustainability. It is our goal to help both residential and business customers to incorporate alternative energy sources into their operations in order to increase sustainability, and lower long-term monetary and environmental costs.

Reducing the footprint of energy consumers is a key factor within the sustainability movement. Therefore, SolSolutions is dedicated to advancing the concepts of personal empowerment and responsibility as we shift away from old, inefficient fossil-fuel-based power generation towards new, efficient, and localized alternative energy-based solutions.

The Drive towards Sustainability is Fueled by our Personal and Collective Empowerment!

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